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Introducing our very first collaborative keycap set with one of our favorite creative brands led by Johann Banta: OK! SUPER DAY.

This keycap features all custom, unique legends in a minimalist and clean B&W colorway, accented with a bold pop of blue. This is a one of a kind design and answers Johann's question: "What if every key was a novelty key?"

Check out more of OK! SUPER DAY here!


PBT keycaps

Cherry profile

159 pieces - Novelties Included!

Please note that the stepped caps lock keycap has the stem located in the center of the keycap

Acceptable Manufacturing Standards can be found in the PDF linked HERE.


Please note that this item will ship early January!


Switch Compatibility -

MX Switch Compatible

Keyboard Compatibility -

Full Size




etc... let us know if you have any questions about compatibility!

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  • PBT Keycaps

    DuoQ keycaps are made with PBT plastic and are durable and prone to shining.

  • Cherry Profile

    Our keycaps are Cherry profile and are very comfortable for both gaming and typing.

  • Compatibility

    Every keycap set is compatible with cherry switches and most popular board models.